Thursday, June 28, 2012


We just got our USA jerseys for the up coming 2012 world games in Japan and it inspired the muse of poetry to stop by, she had herself a bowl of Cherrios a cheese sandwich and two bags of fruit snacks, once satiated here is what she whispered in my ear.

The United States of America year 2012.
I don’t know why our country fights a war in place i can’t point to on a map
I cant explain why our congress acts like spoiled child who didn’t take a nap.
I am confused by the fact that not all our citizens have the same equal rights.
I can’t tell you why race or sex makes one earn less then a male who’s white.
Because I dropped out of a decent college.
I’ll probably never comprehend why in our nation bigotry is allowed to stand.
While the richest of rich tighten the noose of control around their fellow man.
I’ll be forever flummoxed by the fact that in our land obesity is called a epidemic.
While the poor starve and the people who actually need help can’t seem to get it.
However though I have a terrible memory.
I can remember a few great men and women in our not always perfect history.
And I can certainly tell you why soldiers died to make and keep this nation free.
So even though I think we all should strive for better in almost every single way. 
I actually do know what others gave and I am truly honored to represent the USA.


  1. Beau...that's a wonderful piece the dinosaurs backend released there.

    Have a wonderful time in the land of the rising sun.

    Jens #91

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